With the world in the hands of the monstrous coronavirus pandemic, scientists all over the world are seeking a method to eradicate the virus. India is making major moves in this case by conducting clinical trials using the immune-boosting Mw vaccine. The Council of Science and Industrial Research is all set to begin its clinical trials on the vaccine Mw (Mycobacterium w), hopefully, the result of the trials will be out with six weeks at the latest. So, now naturally many questions arise on the Mw vaccine.

Mw vaccine

Mw vaccine is killed Mycobacterium indicus pranii, popularly known as Mw vaccines.

 Originally this vaccine was developed in India, it is derived from rapidly growing, atypical, nonpathogenic Mycobacterium which belongs to the Runyon class IV.

Runyon classification is to classify nontuberculous mycobacteria based on the rate of growth, yellow pigment production, and whether it was produced in the dark or after light exposure.

 In this, Runyon class IV contains rapidly growing Mycobacterium that is it forms colonies in 5 days, also it does not produce pigment.  Some rapidly growing mycobacteria are considered as late pigmenting.

 This Mw vaccine has been clearly studied and approved in India as an immunotherapeutic adjunct to multidrug therapy of multibacillary leprosy.  It is highly antigenic and produces cytokines like interleukin 2, interferon γ, and T cell responses.

This vaccine, an immunoprophylactic – cum – immunotherapeutic vaccine, was originally developed against leprosy.  It mainly acts by producing various cytokines as stated earlier thereby initiating the immune response. It was used as an adjunct to MDT ( Multi-Drug Therapy )  for leprosy, in the various studies conducted, when the patients were given this vaccine along with MDT  in case of leprosy it produces rather satisfying effect rather than giving MDT alone.

 However the clinical application of Mw Vaccine in the case of the recent outbreak of COVID -19 is yet to be known.

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