Instead of hitting snooze and whine, we should greet the day and get going. Yes , it can be difficult especially if we are in the middle of a sweet dream and never wish to break it and return back to reality, it’s because we have an imperishable tie in with our bed. Waking up early has its own benefits but it’s not easy as said, now how can we break that tie up and make our day more productive or simply putting it, how can we get up early?


Nothing is going to happen within a day, if we want to have a new sleep schedule we have to slowly start by waking up 15 mins earlier, slowly getting adapted to that change and gradually increasing the time. If you are more of a night owl then it can be quite difficult to adjust towards the idea of getting up early, so it’s better to take one step at a time. Also, make sure to stick to your schedule even on weekends.


Start your day by working out for atleast 30 mins, it can provide you with the energy required to make the most out of  it . Fit in a morning exercise in your to do list and if it’s totally not possible adjust your evening such that you can exercise  and be ready to get a peaceful sleep at night and wake up early.


Bright light in the morning, an hour or 2 after waking up can help us adjust to accept the fact that we have already awake. But this same bright light before sleep is not preferable, it can be quite disastrous to your sleep. To make your day more productive enjoy a hot cup of brew in the patio indulging in the hot sunlight, enjoy the moment and start your day.


Wake up early, plan your day, and be more constructive, so there is no chance of being stressed all day. Being tension free all day helps you to be more confident throughout the day.


Sleeping and getting a good nights sleep is definitely different, we can get sleep in many ways but its not always easy to get sound sleep. To be more effective all round the day  and to wake up early with an open sense of mind we obviously need to sleep like a baby.


Get early sleep, wake early. Its not easily done as said, sleeping early has its own benefits. Slowly adjust your sleep time and gradually make it early, don’t force an early bedtime but, do it slowly but surely.

In a nut shell, waking up early is as important as getting a good nights sleep. It not only helps us to be more efficient  all day , but lets us have a little bit more of a happy time with our loved ones. Sleeping is essential both physically and mentally, comparably, getting out of bed early is also important.

So, tuck in early, rise and shine, embrace the purity of morning light and start and end your day with same enthusiasm you had all day, bring out more to the world and be more confident.

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