Much of a muchness to air or water, technology has also become far reaching. Needless to say, it has brought the whole world to our fingertips; let it be shopping, business, medical, education or anything we want is just a click away. There was a time when we would actually go out, meet people and get to know them, rather than going all investigational before we decide to send an emoji, as it is the new normal.

Yes, with the pandemic trying to grow old with us, we are obliged to be involved more into the smart world, since we give added importance to a healthy lifestyle; it’s natural to think about the effects of technology on our lives.

It’s true that we can’t  completely avoid technology from our lives, as its both a boon and bane or more precisely it depends upon the way we use it, but a healthy lifestyle and technology can obviously go hand in hand.  So how’s that possible?


Why cuddle with your phone, when you can cuddle with your favorite pillow or teddy bear.  Screen time should be completely avoided at least 3 hrs before sleep, and let’s move to actual alarm clocks as well. Also, do not keep your phones within arm reach; instead make it a practice to read a book before you go to sleep.


Indeed, that should happen, reduce the smart time in your morning routine and involve more healthy time as yoga or walking. No apps can provide the soothing feeling of enjoying a well brewed cup of coffee in the patio after a good night’s sleep.


It’s beneficial to have family time to make the bonds even stronger, but that is long gone. The talks at the dinner table, the quality time spend together with fun and facts were not only, enjoyable but also educative, it taught us the importance of relationships, how to value others ….

Now everybody has a smartphone and is connected through that even at the dinner table, unaware of the events around them.


By all means, technology helps us to stay updated without leaving our comfort zone, but we tend to forget how to get along in real life. It can be awkward to talk to someone in person, but it’s just a piece of cake when it comes to texting. So, let’s get some face to face interactions, it can be a great stress buster.


Social media is helpful to be connected with everyone, but that doesn’t mean we should be intimidated by them, we can’t make our life the most exciting every time, it’s full of ifs and buts. Researches shows that there is a link between social media and depression, keep in mind that we decide what we should see or let others see.


Many of us have all sorts of fitness apps in our smartphones, but how many of us actually stay active? Well, it’s not as easy to actually stay active as it is to install these apps. Spare some time to exercise from the normal routine of lying in the bed with our eyes glued to our smart screens. Of course, exercise more if you want to live a healthy life.

With the flourishing of technology around us it’s typical to be more accustomed with it more than anything. Be that as it may, we should know to make it a blessing rather than a doom. Know about the negative effects of technology and use it circumspectly. Technology is here for good and all, so let’s make the best out of it!!

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