It’s Sunday afternoon, in the patio overlooking the sun you enjoy the last few hours of your personal days before beginning to dread the hectic week ahead of you. This trepidation towards the coming week is nothing but SUNDAY SCARIES, even though the name can bring about a little bit of humor, this is not something that is to be laughed about.

Some might say Friday evenings are the best time of the week, by the same token, Sunday evening is the most distressing time of the week, it’s natural to feel so keeping in mind the schedule packed hamster wheel week ahead of you.


It has become more popular in recent times. Heavy sense of anxiety or dread regarding something that hasn’t happened yet or more precisely the week ahead of you, this is Sunday scaries. Don’t worry you are not alone in this, look around, many are sacred about what awaits for them in the coming week.



Any problem can be tackled depending on how we view that it. Keep a positive attitude towards anything that life puts forward. Our mind is the most powerful when it comes to this. Try to be grateful for the thing that you currently enjoy rather than clinging to something with a negative perspective.


No matter where you are or who you are make yourself useful by doing your best.  Whining on the past will not do any good, instead try to make something out of it. Learn something fresh or something interesting. Paint yourself doing something you like, and work towards that picture, pave the road yourself and enjoy the route.


If the week ahead frightens you, plan it accordingly and stick to the plan, then nothing to worry about. Arrange something for thyself, something interesting, exciting, and at the same time informative, so that you can have something to look forward.


Make your circle bigger, get to know someone who will help you achieve your dream, connect with people and maintain the connections. Try to be around happy people, so that you can have a positive attitude towards life.


You decide what you should be afraid of, if the week ahead of you frightens you, take over it, don’t let it ride over you. If you decide to be frightened for once in your life, then there is no looking back. Identify your fears and make them your strongest trait, rather than the fear , focus on the truth. It’s our choice, so choose wisely.


Dream big, work towards that dream.  If it’s your dream job, then no more Sunday scaries. Doing something we love not only makes us happy but we can create a positive vibe around us. Love what you do, do it sincerely, then eventually you will love it.


Make your Sundays even more exciting. Yes, the week is waiting for you, but that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy Sundays. Finish all our household chores by Saturday and pamper yourself with some alone time on Sunday.

The writhing perception of angst on Sunday will no more be a problem when handled flawlessly. Make your weekends more enjoyable and gather the energy for the week ahead. Don’t think about the week as an obligation, make it something you like to do, let it be your job, studies or anything, do it with all your heart. Don’t be afraid of something that is going to happen, enjoy what you do now, what is to happen is bound to happen not matter what, the least we can do is to be prepared to overcome anything that life gives you. Sunday scaries will be long gone if we do what we love and love what we do!!!

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  1. Wooow….compared to other blogs that take up usual common topics, for discussion, you are really making a difference writing about cool topics that we can relate in real life. Keep going…!

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