Laughter is the tonic, the relief, the surcease for pain

Charlie Chaplin.

On account of the stress and strains of today’s hectic life, the incidence of mind-related diseases has increased drastically. A deep-rooted laugh is the only thing that we wish for at times of despair. If we are brave enough to face the challenges that life puts forward with a smiling face or a heartfelt laugh then it gives us the hope and courage to move on. Laughing changes the air in the room from formal and unwelcoming to hearty and blissed out. Yes, laughing is contagious, but what is nicer than making other people laugh or being the reason behind their smile. Some people laugh even for the lamest of jokes, well we can say that they are blessed to do so, to find happiness in the small things around us is obviously a godsend quality.

Humans are swamped with emotions and being happy or laughing is one among them. Many studies have been conducted on the scientific benefits of laughing, so we should have out and out knowledge about that.

Impact on stress hormone levels

Laughing helps to reduce the stress hormone levels consequently minimizing the influence of stress and anxiety on our body.

Relaxes the whole body

Yes, without any scientific knowledge it is evident that laughing relaxes the whole body. A good cheerful laugh is always helpful, it relives all the physical tension and stress and leaves us with a positive sense of well being.

Boosts cardiac health

Laughing always has a positive impact on our heart health, it’s a great cardio workout, burns an equal amount of calories as that of walking at a small pace. This effect of laughing on heart health promotes laughter yoga!

Improves immune system

Laughing activates T-cells which in turn helps to fight off infections, increases immune cells, thereby enhancing our immune system.

Stimulates the release of endorphins

Endorphins release is triggered by laughing, it is the body’s natural pain killer and can lessen chronic pain.

Increases mental health

Laughing is known to increase our mental health, it helps us to relax and knocks down stress and anxiety

Social impact of laughing

Laughing is the main ingredient of a healthy relationship, it’s an inevitable part when it comes to the easing of any hard feelings or bickering. The more amount of laughter in our lives, the merrier we and the people around us will be.

How to bring laughter to our life ???

The answer is simple, laugh anytime you can, even for the lamest of jokes, don’t waste any situation to laugh.

Smile for it’s the beginning of laughter, instead of being caught up in the technical world or rather than smiling through emojis, take the chance to laugh naturally.

Always keep yourself associated with happy people or make the people around you happy, try to find humor in our routine, encourage laughing or make it a practice to keep a smiling face rather than a straight face.

Be positive, all the time try to be positive without any exceptions make it a practice to have positive energy, laughing is the best way to nurture that. Block all the negative thoughts and create a positive vibe.

We reap what we sow, so create more opportunities to laugh, like watch comedy series or movies, play with kids, spent more time with family, friends, or pets. In a nutshell don’t lose any chance to laugh, laugh as much as you want for it’s the best medicine that we have !!!

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