Shopping is a requisite for everyone, some people consider shopping as a break up from their stressful life , when exactly does shopping becomes a disorder or we become a shopaholic.

 Shopping for our needs is called for, but shopping needlessly is what will make us a shopaholic. Medically, the condition of being preoccupied with shopping is termed as Compulsive Buying Disorder(CBD) or Oniomania. So, is CBD something serious or does it require special medical attention? Before that, let’s get to know more about CBD.

Compulsive Buying Disorder

It is outlined as the obsession with shopping, which eventually causes undesirable effects. It’s more of behavioral addiction or related to obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD). Shopaholics are not restricted to any gender, anybody who shops unnecessarily or uses shopping as a stress buster can be called a shopaholic.

CBD mainly involves repetitive and excessive purchasing which is often unessential. On this wise, what are the characteristics of CBD?


  • It usually occurs in the late teens and early twenties and time after time they become an addiction.
  • They tend to enjoy a sense of well-being or euphoria every time they shop.
  • Feel penitence over shopping, but continue to do so.
  • It is mainly characterized by the incompetence to endure the urge in buying unwanted commodities, in due course, creating financial instability.
  • They generally buy the same thing over and over again and is still not satisfied at the end of the day.
  • CBD is generally associated with depression and anxiety which is to an extent relieved by shopping.
  • Shopaholics are not likely to leave a shopping mall without shopping for anything or window shopping is not their piece of cake.


Now that we understood the general features of CBD, how can we deal with it, is of interest.

Shopping is not inevitable, at least shopping for essential items is important, in the case of shopaholics the complete retreat from shopping is not possible without the support of family and friends.

The one affected can involve in any other leisure activities rather than shopping, which helps them to reduce the need to shop at times of distress.

It is advisable to write a shopping list, also make sure we stick to the list.

Oftentimes it is treated with therapies and individual counselling.


In this modern era, online shopping has become more relevant, so, why go to the store when everything is available at our fingertips and reaches us with a click. Online shopping increased the incidence of CBD as shopping is easy for us, no matter where we are, as long as we have an uninterrupted network every day is shopping day.

To avoid CBD from online shopping,

  • First, we have to unsubscribe from all promotional emails or log out of all online shopping apps.
  • ‘SALE’ do not wait for this word to pop up in our notification panel as it can be very compelling.
  • Take a break from shopping and get new hobbies.

CBD is a serious issue that we are going to face, it’s natural to shop, but when it is uncontrollable it becomes an issue. It’s not something that can be laughed off, it can cause serious consequences. We can tackle this issue by taking appropriate measures.

Shopping addiction can be dangerous as any other addictions, but with the correct management as well as the support from our loved ones it can easily be managed.

Remember shopping is always good but always shopping is parlous!!

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