At some point in our life, we put over several jobs for later, this is what is called Procrastination. It’s not some inborn talent, it is something we develop as we are too lazy to complete the assigned tasks.

Generally, researchers claim that procrastination can be sanguine when it comes to creativity but, as for productivity it can be detrimental.

 Procrastination is an occasional phenomenon that none of us fails to do but definitely loves to do. What in turn is procrastination? scientifically it is the deliberate, objectionable delay of things despite the consequences anticipated.


Active procrastinators have a propensity for delaying the tasks as they can work under a pressurized condition and do better.

Traditional or passive procrastinators are continually being hampered with the inefficacy to make a decision and are not able to regulate themselves when it comes to completing a task.

Active procrastinators are found to be more creative than passive procrastinators.

Many a time people tend to procrastinate as a hasty remedy to get through the stress due to certain tasks, but delaying a stressful task can, in turn, prolong the time we think about it, consequently increasing the stress associated with it, that is, in the long run, procrastination escalates stress.

Oftentimes we use procrastination as a coping mechanism to avoid anxiety-ridden conditions, but it may not be effective all the time, creating appalling effects.

They have a tendency to self-blame, knowing that they won’t be able to complete the given task, rendering the circumstance even more stressful.


  • Carry out the tasks for a short period of time: Rather than being distracted by doing the wrong assignments, which will delay the right things too, do the right thing for a short period thereby, avoid getting tired of it. So, make sure to start the right thing at the right time.
  • Short deadlines: Break down the tasks, set short deadlines, subjugate the urge to procrastinate.
  • HARD ONES FIRST!! : Wrap up the hard ones first while we are fresh and enthusiastic, so there is less chance to procrastinate.
  • Steer clear of any distractions that can keep you away from completing the task.
  • Face your fears: Never let your fears take over your capabilities, often procrastination occurs as we are too afraid to face the difficulties certain tasks put forward.
  • Reward yourself: Congratulate yourself even for accomplishing the smallest tasks, for the effort contributed, this will help us to finish it efficiently.
  • Develop a To-Do list:  Start by creating a To-Do list and prioritize it to complete the important and hard ones first.

Remember, Procrastination is not something to be afraid of, just don’t let it get in your way to conquer the world. It’s okay to put off certain events for later, still, make sure to complete it creatively within the time limit. Take into consideration the fact that rescheduling something for the future can create a great difference as well as consequences, seeing that, today is not tomorrow and we won’t be the same tomorrow, a lot can change in a short span of time. In outline, don’t let your fears lead to procrastination, Face it Conquer it !!

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