Life is never easy, it can be challenging. Decision-making can be very tricky, but it should never be impulsive.  Unrehearsed decisions can have de trop effects. At some point in our life, we are compelled to make capricious decisions.

Capriciousness is where we take impulsive or unpredictable decisions. There are many predictable circumstances where we possibly know the aftermath if we say yes as the situation appeals. Yet, we say yes when we possibly can say no and avoid it.

Sooner or later life puts forward inescapable situations where we have to make a conclusion, but it should not be capricious. Impulsive decisions can give an unexpected turn of events in our life, which can very well be eschewed.


When we act before thinking, that is capricious behavior. Impulsive behavior is natural during adolescence, it is likely to take the edge off as the child becomes mature. All the same, it can be linked to certain medical conditions if the situation persists out of normal, this unpredictable behavior initiates many chaoses in our life.


Its human fallibility to make impetuous decisions, but it becomes an issue when we are capricious more frequently in a day. Especially, when it follows the characteristics like interrupting others, restlessness, absent-minded and hostile behavior.

The medical conditions that are often associated with this type of behavior are generally :

INTERMITTENT EXPLOSIVE DISORDER: As the name suggests it is the tendency to lose our temper more often over silly matters.

ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER: It involves having trouble concentrating or be in line waiting for your turn, interrupting conversations, etc.

BIPOLAR DISORDER: It is the most common medical condition associated with capriciousness. It affects our ability to do our daily activities, it involves a period of happiness or ‘HIGH’ followed by a period of depression.

KLEPTOMANIA: Well it’s a common term, it’s when we feel a compulsion to steal something and is relived when done so.


As often as not,  capriciousness is for only a short period of time, but that’s not the case when it’s more frequent, then help is required.

Mood disorders can be cured to an extent by talking with someone, simply opening up with someone can be very efficacious, but none of us are ready to do that out of our ego, it can be bad.. very bad.

Medications can be helpful when the situation becomes out of control, even though, we have to ask ourselves if medications are really required. At the same time, we have to seek help when required before it is too late.

Being ready for the situations can abridge the capriciousness to an extent. Nonetheless, it’s not something that can be achieved easily, it needs a little effort and we are good to go.

Capriciousness is not something to be tensed about, it can be corrected by controlling ourselves, our emotions and it can be tackled. It’s not easy a told, but to a slight extent, we can keep a tight rein on it with counseling or therapy, if none of that is possible, simply talk to the person you are most comfortable with about your problem, that itself provides great relief.   Never be reluctant to seek help when required, accept it when offered.

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